Why Christian Books . . . “with an Edge”?

By February 28, 2017Blog

I write books about Christians.

But I don’t write “Christian” books.

You won’t find much domestic happily-ever-after in my stories. But you will find characters dealing with difficult realities and with difficult people up close and face-to-face. People living on the edge. And some who’ve been over the edge and come back.

A young rodeo cowboy missing a father and girl with a dead father. An uncertain future. An old couple clinging to a way of life fading into the past.

An isolated family. A devout mother. A practical father. A precocious twelve-year old girl. An overbearing state authority that threatens their remote life.

The stories are set in sparsely populated rural locations and in the recent past, before electronic devices and instant communication changed the way we connect with and disconnect from each other.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with “feel-good” Christian fiction (one purpose of books in any genre is to make the reader feel good, but that’s not the only purpose). Books in the Christian genre offer encouragement and maybe even solace to millions of readers. But being human is sometimes hard and often messy. Being a Christian human means recognizing the messiness and having the means to soften the hardness . . . for others.

So . . . What you’ll find on this site are links to my first two novels, God’s Instant and Dark Canyons, a blog with free fiction, essays and occasional commentaries. The best way to get introduced to my stories is to check out the fiction section of the blog.

I think one of the prerequisites to being a writer is to be thick skinned. I am, so don’t hesitate to comment on what you read here. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments or observations using the contact link at the top of the page.

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