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God’s Instant

Salvation doesn’tCover Cropped 2 always take place in church. God’s Instant is the story of how two young people overcome the crippling effects of a missing parent and how a concrete connection with the recent past and exposure to a practical, bedrock faith in God brightens their future.

Set in the rugged deserts of southeastern Washington and the Blue Mountains of northeastern Oregon and against the exciting world of professional rodeo, God’s Instant is the story of Jill and Grady. Jill has been hiding from the world in plain sight, and Grady is a brooding loner subject to periodic bouts of nearly homicidal rage. They’re brought together by an enigmatic old couple possessing a determined and practical faith, and who, despite their own tragic past, refuse to live completely in the present.

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Dark CanyonsCover cropped 1

A family is forced to defend its way of life. Twelve-year old June is growing up happily with her scholarly mother and practical father on a remote ranch. She has never been to school, but June’s agile mind makes learning second nature. From her mother June has learned to love books and to question what she reads. From her father she has learned the practical skills that allow her family to thrive on its own. When officials concerned for June’s safety threaten to remove the girl from their primitive home, she and her father attempt to escape on horseback into the rugged Blue Mountains of Washington State.

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Bruce Blizard, author of God's Instant and Dark Canyons