From a review of God’s Instant by Erin Matthiessen

“The writing is graceful and moves easily on the page. There are detailed descriptions of the country through which the story travels – Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon – which are refreshingly original and insightful, not canned. The characters are always carefully placed in that landscape.”

                 Erin Matthiessen on

Review of Dark Canyons by Linda Stairet

“This is a beautifully written novel that could appeal to young adults, but is also very appropriate for adults, especially parents. It is a great discussion starter for families. While the Christian spiritual exploration is foundational to the themes of the work, one is never “Jeremiah-ed.” This novel inspires, so it does not need to preach.”

                                                              Linda Stairet, Richland High School

Bruce Blizard, author of God's Instant and Dark Canyons